Gift Ideas for Dad – Father’s Day Gifts

For The New Dad, The Working Dad, The Sporty Dad

Let’s face it, Dad’s can be difficult to buy for! All to often we just opt for the classic Father’s Day gift ideas – an aftershave, some beers or a gadget of some form or another.

All of which are some good gift ideas for Father’s Day, but sometimes we should think outside of the box and go for something different. Especially if they already have an extensive collection of aftershaves and gadgets!

At Sienna’s Rose we have put together a list of Father’s Day gift ideas which might be a little bit left of the mark, but equally unique for our one-of-a-kind dads! Gift ideas that will sit well in their man cave and are designed to give the best gift of all – a bit of alone time!

Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles

Within our range of hand poured soy wax candles, we have two scents for men – our Cologne candle and our Noir candle. Both infused with some high-quality essential oils, and a blend of fragrance oils to give them a fresh, masculine aroma. On top of their fantastic scents, both Cologne and Noir offer some great health benefits through the process of aromatherapy too.


Cologne is a 300ml hand poured soy wax candle with Bergamot, Oakwood, Leather and Tobacco oils, giving the candle an earthy and slightly spicy aroma.

Within aromatherapy, the Bergamot and Oakwood essential oils have many individual healing properties. When combined, these oils have stimulating and positive cerebral effect helping to alleviate stress, fatigue, and depression.

The Leather and Tobacco oils are typically fragrance oils, designed to add warmth and depth to the two essential oils within the candle.

Cologne will suit the busy dad who needs to relax and wind down from work. It will provide him with a pleasing and therapeutic fragrance to soothe and soften his mood. The aroma also compliments a mature whisky or rum too!

Cologne - Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle | Sienna's Rose

Cologne – 300ml Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle

Scent: Bergamot, Leather, Oakwood, Tobacco


Noir - Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle | Sienna's Rose

Noir – 300ml Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle

Scent: Black Pepper, Lemon, Vertivert



A vegan soy wax candle with a grounding and balancing aroma, Noir is infused with Black Pepper, Lemon and Vertivert essential oils. Giving this invigorating soy candle a purifying and masculine fragrance.

Within aromatherapy, each of the oils in this hand poured soy wax candle have many individual healing properties. When combined, the oils have stimulating and antiseptic abilities, and help to reduce stress and tension.

Black Pepper Oil is used within Aromatherapy to aid with respiratory ailments, and colds and flus. It has natural antiseptic and antitoxic properties and is also analgesic – meaning it can relieve pain. This makes Black Pepper Oil a master at helping to improve circulation, and to relieve muscular and rheumatic pains.

Lemon Oil is one of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils around. It is high in Vitamin A, B and C giving this fresh, citrus oil the ability to boost energy levels whilst eliminating toxins from the body. When used in aromatherapy, Lemon Oil is believed to have healing properties that help with respiratory ailments, arthritis and rheumatism, as well as cold and flu viruses.

Vertivert Oil is deeply relaxing, calming and comforting. It also has antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, and stimulating properties too. Within aromatherapy Vetivert oil can be used for its many healing properties, treating muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, depression, insomnia, poor circulation, nervous stresses, and tension.

Noir will give Dad an earthy, fresh and tranquil scent to soothe and ease – ideal for the sporty dad who is yet to give into the aches and pains of gym training or Sunday League football!

Natural Dead Sea Salt Bath Soaks

We’ve paired our Noir candle with a dead sea bath salts soak which features the same essential oils.

Bath salts are believed to provide a full range of health benefits, including:

  • Reducing muscle pain and stiffness
  • Helping to relieve aching joints and arthritis
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve headaches, anxiety, and stress
  • Help to improve and relieve skin conditions such as eczema and dry or itchy skin

With all these innate health benefits of salts, our bath salts are made even more effective with the added benefits of natural essential oils. This magical combination can offer additional aromatherapy aids when used in the bath, such as enhanced relaxation and improved mood.

Noir Bath Salts will suit the active, sporty dad – there is nothing like a relaxing, calming bath as an effective way to pause and de-stress after a long day at work, or a hard session at the gym or sports ground.

Give dad treat, run a bath, light a candle and let him chill with the relaxing fragrance and sensations of a great bath salt!

Noir - Dead Sea Scented Bath Salts | Sienna's Rose

Noir – 600g Dead Sea Bath Salt Soak

Scent: Black Pepper, Lemon, Vertivert


Noir Bath Salts & Candle Gift Set | Sienna's Rose

Noir – Dead Sea Bath Salt Soak & Candle Gift Set

Scent: Black Pepper, Lemon, Vertivert


Candle & Bath Salt Gift Sets

For a limited time only, we are pairing our Noir candles and Bath Salts into a gift set. This ideal gift for Father’s Day offers all the benefits of aromatherapy from both the candle and bath salts products.

Dead Sea Salt, contain 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt. These minerals assist in the cleansing and detoxifying of the body, helping to restore and rebalance the bodies skin, muscles and more.

As the salts dissolve in the warm water, the minerals are released and can be drawn into the skin and bloodstream via osmosis. These minerals can help to balance out the entire body – by removing or replenishing the body’s electrolytes, and by working to optimise our bodies cellular functions, our immunity, and our acid and alkaline levels.

Run dad a warm, steamy bath with the bath salts, and set aside the candle for a great evening of relaxation!

We hope that you find some of these Father’s Day gifts a great idea for an alternative gift for dad this year. You can find all of these well-being products in our shop, and you can get yourself 10% off plus free UK delivery by signing up to our newsletter. We don’t like spam, so all you’ll receive from us are some great tips and tricks for health and well-being, as well as some occasional offers and promotions.

Until next time,

Sienna’s Rose

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