Introducing New Scented Dead Sea Bath Salts

Infused With Essential Oils

Sienna’s Rose is proud to introduce our new range of Scented Bath Salts.

Made from Dead Sea Salt, our bath salt soaks are paired with two of our hand poured, vegan soy wax candles: Sanctuary and Noir. Sharing the same, high-quality, pure essential oils as the candles.

Dead Sea Salt, contain 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt. These minerals assist in the cleansing and detoxifying of the body, helping to restore and rebalance the bodies skin, muscles and more.

Find out more about the health benefits of bath salts below.

The Health Benefits of Using Natural Bath Salts

There is nothing like a relaxing, calming bath as an effective way to pause and de-stress after a long day. Not only a great way to cleanse and moisturise, but having a warm, steamy bath is also good for your skin, muscles, joints and bones, and your overall wellbeing too.

Adding natural salts to a bath has long been used as an effective and inexpensive way to treat a range of mental and physical health ailments. Whether you are seeking smoother, silkier skin, a better night’s sleep or some detoxification, bath salts are a beneficial additive to your body care routine.

As the salts dissolve in the warm water, the minerals are released and can be drawn into the skin and bloodstream via osmosis. These minerals can help to balance out the entire body – by removing or replenishing the body’s electrolytes, and by working to optimise our bodies cellular functions, our immunity, and our acid and alkaline levels.

Health Benefits of Bath Salts | Sienna’s Rose

Bath salts are believed to provide a full range of health benefits, including:

  • Reducing muscle pain and stiffness
  • Helping to relieve aching joints and arthritis
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve headaches, anxiety, and stress
  • Help to improve and relieve skin conditions such as eczema and dry or itchy skin

With all these innate health benefits, bath salts can be made even more effective with the added benefits of natural essential oils. This magical combination can offer additional aromatherapy aids when used in the bath, such as enhanced relaxation and improved mood.

Types Of Bath Salts | Sienna’s Rose

Types of Bath Salts

Bath salts can be either scented or unscented, with both types offering different health benefits. The salt itself will either be Magnesium Sulphate – commonly known as Epsom Salt, or Sea Salt most likely from the Dead Sea. In some cases, Himalayan salt is used too.

Sienna’s Rose Bath Salts are made from Dead Sea Salt, which contain 10 times more minerals than ordinary sea salt. These minerals assist in the cleansing and detoxifying of the body, helping to restore and rebalance the bodies skin, muscles and more.

Minerals found within Dead Sea Salts include:

  • Magnesium – An element that is great for cleansing and detoxifying the skin’s epidermis. By promoting the skin cells metabolism, it in turn helps to heal damaged or inflamed skin.
  • Calcium – Another element that benefits skin growth and regeneration, as well as stimulating the production of antioxidants.
  • Sodium – On top of helping to relieve sore muscles, Sodium is the main ingredient that cleanses and exfoliates the skin – a process of removing the dead skin cells.
  • Zinc – Like Magnesium and Calcium, Zinc aids the healing and rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Potassium – Helps to keep the skin moist as well as relieving any puffiness in infected areas of the skin.
  • Sulphur – Helps with the exfoliation process by decongesting the skins pores. Sulphur also has antifungal and antibacterial properties which help with the skin’s healing process.

Essential Oils

Dead Sea Salt is very dry, drier than other forms of salt / bath salts and this dryness allows the salt to absorb essential oils easily and readily. When the salt dissolves in a warm bath, it releases the oils into the bath water. Therefore, bath salts that have been infused with essential oils give the added benefits of aromatherapy practices.

At Sienna’s Rose, we have matched our bath salts with the essential oils found in two of our hand-poured soy wax candles – Sanctuary and Noir.

The oils are of high-quality and of natural purity, which each combination of oil offering its own physical and mental health aids. The overarching, collective benefit of essential oils are to help with relieving stress, anxiety and depression however, each individual oil can be used to treat other, more specific ailments too.

Essential Oils with Bath Salts | Sienna’s Rose

Sanctuary - New Bath Salts Soak | Sienna’s Rose

Sanctuary Bath Salt with Essential Oils

Our Sanctuary Bath Salts is paired with our hand poured soy wax candle, Sanctuary, and features the same high-quality essential oils.

Infused with Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Neroli oils, the salts have a purifying and soothing aroma. Each of these featured oils have many individual healing properties, but combined into this bath salt soak, they help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Allowing for a full relaxation, helping to uplift your mood.

Find out more about each oil here

Noir Bath Salt with Essential Oils

Similarly, our Noir Bath Salt Soak is paired with our Noir Soy Wax Candle and is infused with the same Black Pepper, Lemon and Vertiver Essential Oils. The combined oils release an aroma that is grounding and helps to soothe and ease your mind and body.

Black Pepper Oil is used within Aromatherapy to aid with respiratory ailments, and colds and flus. It has natural antiseptic and antitoxic properties and is also analgesic – meaning it can relieve pain. This makes Black Pepper Oil a master at helping to improve circulation, and to relieve muscular and rheumatic pains.

Lemon Oil is one of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils around. It is high in Vitamin A, B and C giving this fresh, citrus oil the ability to boost energy levels whilst eliminating toxins from the body. When used in aromatherapy, Lemon Oil is believed to have healing properties that help with respiratory ailments, arthritis and rheumatism, as well as cold and flu viruses.

Vertivert Oil is deeply relaxing, calming and comforting. It also has antiseptic, antispasmodic, sedative, and stimulating properties too. Within aromatherapy Vetivert oil can be used for its many healing properties, treating muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, depression, insomnia, poor circulation, nervous stresses, and tension.

Noir - New Bath Salts Soak | Sienna’s Rose

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