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Introducing Our New Range of Hand Poured Vegan Soy Wax Candles

At Sienna’s Rose, we’re excited to introduce our brand-new range of hand poured, vegan soy wax candles.

Having spent the last 9 months or so researching, testing and sampling, we have partnered with Heaven Scent to help produce our high-quality, great smelling candles. As a UK manufacturer of hand poured vegan candles, Heaven Scent use only the highest quality, natural waxes and oils. Their ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, and they make every effort to reduce their impact on the environment.

Candle’s aside, these factors are some of the great reasons why we decided to partner with them.

A Healthy, Balanced Way of Living

Sienna’s Rose has a passion for promoting a healthy, balanced and beautiful way of living. Alongside our hair and beauty services, we emphasise on complimentary health care, stress management, and personal growth. With that in mind, we believe that our soy candles are a natural fit with our ethos and offer great benefits to you too.

A popular ornamental piece in many a home, candles help to set a calming and relaxing mood in any room. We’ve chosen a range of essential oils and fragrance oils which work collectively and compliment each other in all of our candles. All designed to help you relax and find your bliss within your home, office or studio.

A Balanced Way of Living | Sienna's Rose
Being Kind To The Environment | Sienna's Rose

Being Kind to The Environment

Our ambition is to help reduce some of the world’s problems, and so we have chosen to use sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The soy wax which make up our candles is predominantly sourced from the UK, helping to reduce carbon emissions within our supply chain. Our range of hand poured soy wax candles not only come in recycled glass containers, but we also sourced our own recyclable packaging too. Meaning your new candles will arrive to you 100% plastic-free!

We’re all too aware of the impact of plastic pollution on our planet. From the greenhouse gases released in the production processes, to the non-biodegradable product itself. We believe that we all should play a fundamental part in reducing our reliance and dependence on plastic.

However, moving away from plastic creates alternative issues, such as a greater dependence on wood / plant-based products. Arguably, the deforestation of our planet is having the greatest impact on climate change. As well as negatively impacting indigenous people and animal species around the world.

Plant A Tree with Sienna’s Rose

Sienna’s Rose is extremely conscious not to incite some of the same problems we’ve all witnessed from the previously uncontrolled Palm Oil industry. With that in mind, we will be donating £1 from every sale of our 300ml soy wax candles to the Woodland Trust Organisation.

The Woodland Trust Organisation plant trees, protects and restores woodlands in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We’ll be donating to them on a regular basis to help them to plant woods and trees to combat climate change and to create havens for wildlife in the UK.

Plant A Tree | Sienna's Rose

To that end, we’re extremely proud of our new range of hand poured, vegan soy wax candles, and we hope that you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Find out more about each candle and their unique scents and fragrances below. Feel free to comment and share with someone who you think will love our candles.

Until next time,

Sienna’s Rose