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New to Sienna’s Rose – Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage is a type of therapeutic massage which is used for body sculpting and cellulite reduction.

About Vacuum Massage | Sienna's Rose

What is Vacuum Massage?

Vacuum massage is believed to be one of the most trusted and efficient forms of treatment against cellulite. It smooths the hypodermic fat layer, causing the skin to become more elastic.

It works by alternating negative pressure (suction) to create a vacuum within the treatment head, with positive pressure (relaxation) to release. This treatment lifts the skin, promoting blood flow, lymphatic drainage and the reorganisation of the connective tissues.

Vacuum massage is used as a combined treatment with slimming treatment and the Ultra Sonic Cavitation treatment.

What to expect?

Vacuum massage is completely pain-free, non invasive and has no downtime between treatments – you can work and train as normal straight after your session.

It works in harmony with the body, leveraging and stimulating natural biological processes.

About Ultra Sonic Cavitation | Sienna's Rose

Packages & Prices

At Sienna’s Rose, we design and tailor our treatments to suit your needs. Vacuum massage works best when combined with Accelerated Laser Lipo and Ultra Sonic Cavitation. Find out more about our Vacuum Massage treatment costs here.

Vacuum Massage Treatment Areas

Our unique Vacuum Massage Treatments are most effective are treating the causal factors of cellulite in the following areas:

  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees

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